Sunday, February 14, 2016

Burrito Loco Love

It started like any other passionate encounter
Chemical connections and pounding hearts
Brown skin, white skin, One skin together
Holiday cheer sparkles in our eyes
Fast love, fun days, and high times
Crazy burrito made me laugh so hard
And made me cry out in ecstasy
Or cry out for help in desperate times
It lasted a while as the good ones do
Then crashed me and crushed me to the ground
As he fired up and melted me down
Got me in a stranglehold baby
Broken by your jealous liquored rage
Trust and fear battled it out
Fear won.

Round two
Love comes crashing into my door
Like a freight train overdue
Time lapse lovers wrapped up again
Burrito style
Cozy inside
Wrapped up tight
Deliciously hot and spicy
Wanting more
Wanting more
Train track crossings far and away
Returning like surprise parties
Never knowing when it's my depot
Happy to see you back mi amor y cholo loco
Muy peligroso y macho
Yet I could always feel the tender insides
Bursting with a true heart buried deep
Revealed during serene togetherness
Then retreating like a defensive wild animal
Disappearing into the distant fields and shores
Can't ever escape the tight folds
Of this burrito loco love.

~ Spirit Bear  2/14/2016

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Pounding fast and chest aching
Precious breast of blood and air
The holy trinity of Breath
Patterns of the life keepers
Shifting heart beats overcome me
Part fleshy wounds
Part echoes
Of past and present tears
Grief’s pains and sorrow’s floods
Knock me off my feet
Or spring me up, grasping
Tsunami of struggles
Walking a patchwork shoreline
Sewn by hard foot steps
And soft ones
Stepping as heart beats allow
Sometimes alone
Sometimes with loved ones
Here, going, and already gone
Heart beats enduring
Mine, theirs, and ours
Waking me with a squeaking wheel
Demanding my attention
Strong heart voice calls out to me
Get up!!  Get up, you fool
These are just moments in a timeless world
And I am beckoning you
You, the great survivor of odds
This is total bullshit!!!
Stand up and grab this heart chakra
Driving is what you’ve always done best
Negotiating turns of fate or chance
Riding the edge of danger
Commanding the traffic lights
Surrender to the sinking feeling
Of sudden dips of this roller coaster road
The journey of the physical body
Made of broken parts and shining star lights
Dancing on a balance beam
Always landing on your feet
The road evens out to a sweet ride
Cruising the highways of suffering and joy
In these crazy heart beats

~  Spirit Bear   12/13/2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Laughter and Tears


Child hearts smile
Beings recognizing memories
Gaps of clarity and time
Patchwork of songs and stories
Working hard
Hard to believe
Helping each other
Intentions finding harmony
Struggles ongoing
Better here
Worse over there
Highs and lows
Crazy days
Laughter and tears
Meshing together
Laughter and Tears
Writing a chapter
Laughter and Tears
Molding the future
Hearts and memories
Changing together
Like child heart smiles
Breaking the barriers
Moving in timelessness
With laughter and tears

~ Spirit Bear 11/5/2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wash Over Me, Moon

Wash over me, Moon
Like the Ocean tide
Kicking up sand
I am hitching my ride

To travel across
The brilliant Sky
Kissing the Stars
As we both fly by

Watch over me, Moon
In your brilliant pure light
We can take on the world
On this new autumn night

Take me over, Moon
I embrace without fear
Moonbeams kiss my hair
Brushing off tears

There's a song on the wind
As this cycle turns 'round
Again, we are One
Glowing bright, sacred sound

Restore me to wholeness
Let me shine like the Sun
I will carry you with me
Til the next Moon comes.

Blessed Be.

~   SpiritBear 09/27/2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

That Land

That Land

I need a man who can stand on that land
Step on it with meaning
Feeling the rush of energy
Of all that it's made of
Flooding back up to him
Knowing he is standing in the right place
Letting the euphoria of Sky, Sun and Wind
Wash over him like the most beautiful rainbows
Or the strongest of protectors
The sweetest, most passionate of lovers
And the wisest of sages
All at once.

For that is how I feel on that land
When my legs move toward joy
And my heart wraps itself around his shoulders
Every fraction of every moment becomes timeless
There are no questions
There is only unity with all things
Like the sound of wings overhead, calling out
And the crunching of sand and small rocks beneath us
We are held upright and rooted in this destiny
Balanced in beauty
Hearts full of clarity
In that land.

~ Spirit Bear 9/13/2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The River of Tears

The River of Tears

Alas, we meet in these crashing waves
Star shine and shimmer upon the water
It takes a lot to make me cry
Usually just keep on rowing
Waters that keep on flowing know me
On this river of tears

Salty seas mimic swollen eyes
Tides of emotion like waves take over
I've nearly capsized on occasion
Dredging up defeat like rusty hidden treasures
That have little worth to anyone but me
Me and the Sea

Punctured by long needles of today's struggles
Bleeding tears of frustration and self abandon
Heart clockworks keep time to invisible witness
Of every sad or bad thing
And every glad thing
And tears swell up like sorrowful tsunamis

Grab those oars over there and help me
For we have all cried into this river
Sharing its salinity and its solace
Burying our heads on its rocky banks
We flow with its guiding channels
And duck away from diving birds of prey

The river carries us to safety
Or to new waterways for exploration
We create it as we traverse it
Swimming hard or floating easy
Its humors mixed heart vapors and pain
And beauty or sorrows remain

On the river of tears.

~  Spirit Bear 8/27/2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Her Arrival

My sweet baby faced angel
Gazing into the eyes of her Baba
A picture tells a thousand tales
As thoughts become words
And language emerges
We meet the depths of her soul
Conveying volumes with her eyes and voice
To be where SHE has been
Is a mystery even to Zeppelin fans
Beach bound babe strutting in a tiny tee
Little sand in her toes greets the mother Ocean
Fearless and feminine
She embraces starry skies and seascape magic
And the open expanse of a tender heart
She walks her way proudly through schools and honors
Her innate compassion glows like a light for others
Breathing deeply the fragrances of fir trees
Learning both stillness and how to flow
As the New River babbles at her feet
One with her ancestral home in the country
She jumps without hesitation into the rocky, rushing brook
And into the vast possibilities that await her now and beyond
Over hurdles and stepping pretty with her equine brothers
And sharing deep friendships with her soul sisters
All making their way through the transition to adulthood
Connecting to her heritage from India, she will absorb and grow
Then entering college and engaging life at her own pace
She explores her intellect and the marks she will leave here
Feeding us morels of her intriguing and unique open perspective
Ever mindful and acting from wisdom deep within
Turning heads with bravery and beauty
She has become a gracious and confident woman
Balanced, peaceful and knowing, inside and out
Setting her sights wide for all things to come
The world reaches out to welcome her
On any path she chooses, bold and centered.

Congratulations, Ava
You've arrived.

Love and pride from your Aunt Mary

~ Spiritbear   5/23/2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Greeting

The Greeting

They will watch us from the mountains up above
Where the eagles nest and nurture their own love
We will hear the calls of ancient ones
Showing us where they come from 
Breathing lies the mountain where they're from

Well the grandfathers will teach us as they've done
And the grandmothers will see us all as one
They will sing their songs of beauty
And we'll fall upon Earth's beauty
As they travel down those mountains one by one

Oh our hearts will fill with freedom as they come
Through the stands of trees that lead them down they come
We will see their faces glowing
As the gentle breeze is blowing
And our minds will meet theirs knowing
Ancient Ones

Our sore eyes will fill with tears when they come down
But their eyes convey such truths without a frown
We will feel the wild streams leading
Wash our memories clean of bleeding
Healing beams of all we're needing will touch down

There's a starry cosmos shining in the Sky
We are mesmerized and can't explain just why
They can show us ways of being
And a clearer way of seeing
As the Spirits come to guide us how to fly

In the Sky
Truth is why
Trust and fly!!!!!!!

~ SpiritBear  04/18/2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hearts of Stones

Hearts of Stones

Winter's winds blowing cold sunbeams
On ice covered streets gleaming mirrored
Reflections of seasons past
Across the frozen deserts and peaks
Through the motionless grasslands
On wings of eagles and hummingbirds
Skimming atop shimmering solid lakes
Finding their way here to me

Wrapped in lavender rappings
Of dreams and heart aches
Of strengths and wisdom memories
Carrying the beauty of her creations
I gently reveal what gifts lie inside
Power surging up to meet my eager hands

Words wrapped in words rapped in feeling
Soul sister energy pounding in my palm
Heart within a heart of smoothed edges
Tao within hard minerals now softened
Life pulses heart beats in shaped stone
In sync with my own human fleshy heart

Bursts of brilliant forces connecting
Words and breath infused in stone being
Strong pulsations held to my heart
Opening me to happiness, pain, and knowing
Thrills and throbs beat inside rolled beads
Earthen colors of plants living in poetry

Gazing upon a regal two-dimensional image
Delicate wings of green on golden flower
Breathing in sweet nectars of singing
Humbled by the generosity of giving
Fortified by immeasurable power
Inside a bundle of sacred sisterhood talking.

~  Spirit Bear  2/23/2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pictures of Home

Pictures of Home

Gazing across endless meadows
Green grassy aroma filled air
Wildflowers waving in the breeze
Like colorful people meandering
Free as the wind to gather
Or remain hidden as precious surprises
Berries reaching up to be picked
Showing their bright red yearnings
Under sunny skies in summer
Tired children fueled by the wild
Inside their wild child mother

Crunchy red dog road
Leading the way winding along
Through shaded dampness
Sliced through with random Sun rays
Deer beds and black bear growls
Grave yard hills and campfire stories
Family sharing in this playful refuge
Sacred meeting house off the beaten path
Swinging on fences and pulling up roots
Traversing creaky porch steps and boards
Jumping the corners from one side to the other

Rain filled tubs and fresh new potatoes
Round table gatherings for card games
Free flowing conversations and laughter
Stresses removed by country air and Earth
Claps of thunder booms echo in hearts and skin
Deer coming to eat from apple trees
Old wooden chairs and coveted rockers
Black nights make for brilliant gazing
Lying on cars with an open lens to the Milky Way

She was a country girl with a constant longing
To return to those rocky winding roads
And the sounds of crickets and foxes and hawks
And the magnificent power of the New River
Waking each morning refreshed from pure sleep
To start a new day with a familiar routine
Living easy and attuned to the comforts of home
Looking out across those grassy fields
Waking up life in her inner spirit
And in the heart beats of others
In her mind's eye
With pictures of home.

~ Spirit Bear   02/02/2015

(for Mom)